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DELL 01-SSC-1530 softwarelicentie & -uitbreiding 1 licentie(s) Licentie


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DELL - DELL 01-SSC-1530 softwarelicentie & -uitbreiding 1 licentie(s) Licentie
Voorraad Ja
Levertijd 2 dagen
Productnummer 01-SSC-1530
DELL 01-SSC-1530. Aantal licenties: 1 licentie(s), Licentie termijn (jaren): 2 jaar, Softwaretype: Licentie

The SonicWall® Email Security can help you safeguard your data and meet compliance requirements. It can help protect your organization from outsideattacks with effective virus, zombie, phishing and spam blocker by leveraging multiple-threat detection techniques. It can also help you better understandemail usage, archive for compliance, efficiently perform e-discovery, and audit all mailboxes and access controls to prevent violations.

Description of Email Security
Email-based communications are fundamental to effectively conducting business. Given the volume of worldwide emails and the continued growth each year, email continues to be a popular vector for a variety of threats. It offers hackers a vehicle to deliver a variety of vulnerabilities. These threat require a new set of features for detection and protection. SonicWall Email Security deploys a multi-layer solution dedicated to combatting emerging threats.

Email is crucial for your business communication, but it is also the number one vector for threats such as ransomware, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), spoofing, spam and viruses. What’s more, government regulations now hold your business accountable for protecting confidential data and ensuring it is not leaked and that email containing sensitive customer data or confidential information is securely exchanged. Whether your organization is a growing small-to medium-sized business (SMB), a large, distributed enterprise or a managed service provider (MSP), you need a cost-effective way to deploy email security and encryption, and the scalability to easily grow capacity for — and delegate management across — organizational units and domains. SonicWall Email Security appliances and software provide multi-layered protection from inbound and outbound email threats and compliance violations by scanning all inbound and outbound email content, URLs and attachments for sensitive data, delivering real-time protection ransomware, targeted phishing attacks, spoofing, viruses, malicious URLs, zombies, directory harvest (DHA), Denial of Service (DoS) and other attacks. The solution leverages multiple, patented SonicWall threat detection techniques and a unique, worldwide attack identification and monitoring network. SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection service delivers industryleading, multi-engine sandboxing, with patent-pending Real-time Deep memory inspection (RTDMI™) technology, to isolate unknown threats found in suspicious file attachments and URLs, so you can stop advanced threats before they reach your users’ inboxes. Email Security with Capture ATP gives you a highly effective and responsive defense against ransomware and zero-day attacks. The solution also includes Domain-based Message Authentication, DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail), SPF (Sender Policy Framework), Reporting and Conformance (DMARC), a powerful email authentication method that helps identify spoofed mail, reducing spam and targeted phishing attacks such as spear-phishing, whaling, CEO fraud and business email compromise, It also reports on sources and senders of email, so you can identify and shut down unauthorized senders falsifying email with your address and protect your brand. In addition, it prevents confidential data leaks and regulatory violations with advanced compliance scanning and management, including integrated email encryption cloud service to ensure secure exchange of sensitive data. Administration of the Email Security solution is intuitive, quick and simple. You can safely delegate spam management to end users, while still retaining ultimate control over security enforcement. You can also easily manage user and group accounts with seamless multi-LDAP synchronization. For large, distributed environments, multi-tenancy support lets you delegate sub-administrators to manage settings at multiple organizational units (such as enterprise divisions or MSP customers) within a single Email Security deployment.